Failure is impossible…

We offer education through writing. Healing has been proven by years of experience from medical professionals. Journal. Diaries, and other ways of expressing your stories through the written word, poetry and non-fiction. When we begin to put down why, where, and how, it can take us on a journey, we can see things more clearly. And taking this to a one-on-one or groups session, we can begin to realize how we are not the only ones who’ve experienced what we have.

What we bring:
Workshops taught by the director and her assistant
Offer anthology submissions, the work in print along with others in the same situations (builds confidence).
A chance for schools to publish collections of works

Program Description:

  • Power Point video of fellow and published writers, victims/survivors reading their work from relative anthologies- either Moving Beyond Mars, A Voice for Victims/Survivors of Abuse (domestic and sexual); dis*order, mental illness and its affects (influence).
  • Discuss a few tips on writing their story(s)

    Writing prose

Breaking down a prose piece into poetry