Our Board Members

Robert John Stelling—is the silent partner of Red Dashboard LLC Publications, but handles the technology side of the business. He is a software engineer for a corporation in Princeton, New Jersey since 2006, and has been involved with his wife, Elizabeth Akin Stelling in other business ventures since 1997 (Dallas, Texas).

Elizabeth Akin Stelling—is primary owner/managing editor of Red Dashboard LLC Publications, which is her grassroots business where the two spear-head anthologies, dis*or*der, mental illness and its affects (influence) and Moving Beyond Mars: A Voice for Victims/Survivors of Abuse (domestic and sexual) campaigns’ got their start. She is a writer, editor, and publisher since 2006; writing articles for local papers and NJBiz website, as well as her own blogs. Elizabeth’s first collection of poetry and prose was published in 2014, My South By Southwest: A Cast Iron Tempo Recollection.

Rebecca Bonham

Anthony Roberts

Annmarie Lockhart

David Messineo

Alternate Board Member:

Eileen Beirne— E.R.Beirne has had a successful career as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for many publishing houses in NYC including the Brooklyn Museum of The Arts. After moving to New Jersey her interests moved into the non-profit arena and she met and works with some of the finest people in
the world of social services. She currently works for SERV Centers of NJ in a secretarial position but has been able to provide Art Therapy workshops for the Behavioral Health clients of SERV at their annual Wellness Conference. Her first book, Perfume of the Injured will debut in the spring of 2108.

Volunteers & Employees

Rebecca Bonham

Lindsay Erin Holeman is a teacher, spoken word poet, & self-taught artist. Before she entered Education, she worked extensively in the non-profit sector as a board member for the RISE Foundation (advocating for children who have been affected by bullying) and for the No Stigma Network (assisting young adults living with mental disorders and educating the community about different mental health conditions to reduce ongoing stigma). She is a Master of Arts candidate in Special Education at Rider University.

Visit her at www.lindsay-holeman.webnode.com