Email testimonials We’ve gotten–

Dear Elizabeth (TheWrite2Change),

This is a powerful publication, and the most important two words I’ve
read are “HEALING anthology.” I like the site. So many self-help pubs
focus on the illness and not the wellness or overcoming.
This collection covers a broad spectrum and is representative of
numerous diagnoses. I am proud to be a part of this book.

Let me know when I can start promoting in the Midwest and among my
writing community with a cover image, blurb and contact info.

Linda O’Connell, March 2018


My daughter expressed a desire to get one-on-one writing instructions, and you gave her the opportunity to meet at the local library. She is so happy with her first instruction and is doing the homework you gave her. We look forward to meeting each week, to see what you have for her next.

Thank you so much!

Lakshmi T., June 2018